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Photo competition – April 2013 – Eco lighting

Submitted by on dimanche, 7 avril 2013One Comment

Dear Friends,

From the time of cavemen, who only had the moon or fire for night lighting, to the invention of LED light bulbs, so many advances have been made in lighting!

Today it is possible to consume 10 times less electricity and conserve light bulbs for years and years. These savings are excellent for our pockets and for the planet, so why wait to implement them?

To contribute to this increased awareness, CyberDodo is dedicating its photo contest for the month of April 2013 to eco lighting!

The community of CyberDodo members (which already exists in more than 150 countries!) has as much talent as it has imagination, so get to your cameras and illustrate the advantages of eco lighting, using the example or otherwise of the picture below:

« It’s possible today to use lighting which respects the planet« 

The grand prize winner will receive the Nintendo 3DS XL game console!

« A superb Nintendo 3DS XL for the winner of our photo competition for the month of April 2013 dedicated to eco lighting« 

To find out the details of the competition, click on the pictures in this message or here.

Good luck to you all, and don’t forget to become a fan of our Facebook page (And also to invite your friends to do the same)

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One Comment »

  • Lili said:

    Des idées très originales, Bravo pour CyberDodo, quel engagement! Je vous admire.