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Cars represent a major danger for the planet!

Submitted by on vendredi, 8 mai 2020No Comment

Dear friends,

How many cars are on our planet?

What is their dramatic impact on the future of humanity?

How to support CyberDodo while fighting against pollution?

Over a billion! You don’t have to be a specialist to understand that our planet cannot support it, whether in terms of POLLUTION, waste of FOSSIL ENERGIES, destruction of our ENVIRONMENT, mobilization of FINANCIAL RESOURCES, etc.

This is why CyberDodo supports short supply chains, carpooling and electric mobility (until hydrogen becomes our benchmark energy), with the innovative company TESLA in the foreground.

If to preserve our magnificent Earth, you have decided to switch to electric vehicles TESLA, CONGRATULATIONS, you can take the opportunity to support our NGO which has been committed to the Rights of the Child and the Environment since 1996.

For this, enter our Tesla Referral Code when ordering from TESLA: and our NGO will be rewarded.

TESLA Referral code CyberDodo

All of our volunteers and our more than 2 million Facebook fans thank you!

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