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« Dangers of the Internet » photo competition – May and June 2014

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Dear Friends,

Hello to you all,

The internet is an online surfing paradise which can be hell for those who fall into its trap!

For the youth of today, the internet is not a new and incomprehensible zone any more, as it was for your parents who witnessed its birth. On the contrary, it is such a familiar place to you – you are constantly online and think nothing of going online to communicate with your friends and discover the world.

Do you know the rules of this universe? Do you understand how it works? Are you aware of its attributes and its dangers ?

The CyberDodo team has site visits from 150 countries and is particularly concerned about your safety and that of your families while you surf the web. A game on the theme of the dangers of the internet was recently put online for free at and to accompany its launching, we are organising this photo competition until 30 June 2014.

What kind of photo can you send in?

A photo of yourself, together with CyberDodo, which illustrates one or several dangers that put us at risk when we are on the internet. You can take your inspiration from the picture here and/or the game « CyberDodo and the Dangers of the Internet« :


To help you set up your photo, CyberDodo is particularly providing 5 different activities to inspire you:

The excellent but difficult game « CyberDodo and the Dangers of the Internet »

The cartoon « CyberDodo fights Child Trafficking »

The cartoon « CyberDodo takes action for the right to respect for privacy »

The case file « CyberDodo takes action for the right to respect for privacy »

The quiz « CyberDodo takes action for the right to respect for privacy »

5 fun, informative activities out of about 2 000 that are already online at


Good luck to you all and don’t forget to “like” our Facebook page (And to suggest that your friends do so as well).


And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter


Hearty congratulations to Greg from Brussels in Belgium, who is the winner of the January/February 2014 competition on the theme of « privacy« .


Greg will receive the SONY PS4 console and is very, very happy about it!

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